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It takes a whole community to clean up a river - 07 Feb 2018
The Rere falls and rockslide, a popular swimming and recreational spot on the Wharekopae River near Gisborne, is being touted as an example of what... more
Holier than thou backfires for vegans - 21 Aug 2017
A recent study of non-vegans, reported in The Independent by Rachel Hosie reveals that the holier-than-thou attitudes of vegans to... more
Twitter changes will make life easier for users - 02 Jun 2016
Twitter has long been defined by its 140-character Tweet limit, forcing users to be concise and creative in their copy. Now this looks set to change,... more
Lone Pine gesture strikes the right note - 28 Aug 2015
Scion, the Crown Research Institute that specialises in forestry, struck the right note for the centennial of the Gallipoli campaign.It propagated 50... more
Ethical wake-up call from Hager - 11 Sep 2014
The activities of PR people mentioned in Nicky Hager's book 'Dirty Politics' have raised questions about the ethics of PR in... more
Twitter unlocked by Topsy - 02 Oct 2013
Topsy is a new tweet analysis service that can be an extremely useful tool for reputation managers. But relying totally on its sentiment algorithmns... more
Bad news and how to deliver it - 10 Sep 2012
Raising your prices? Cutting services? Not giving out staff bonuses this year? No one wants to deliver unwelcome news — or receive it. But... more
Hey Telecom, what's the snow like in Queenstown? - 24 Aug 2012
Megabucks are being spent by the telcos in their battle for the smartphone market, but Telecom is spending zilch on product imagery. Why spend up... more
Pink slime: lessons in risk management - 20 Jun 2012
The makers of an innocent-sounding beef product have paid a very high price for not being up-front with consumers. Some aspects of food production... more
Sustainability (yawn) becomes sexy - 30 Jan 2012
A growing number of international companies have come to realise that by embracing social media they have to publish regularly and with reliable... more
Clean, green & nice to the workers - 16 Jan 2012
Most New Zealand food and fibre exporters market their products as clean, green and animal friendly. But are their products worker-friendly too?... more
Silent exporters are like lambs to the slaughter - 14 Dec 2011
Google "NZ halal lamb" and of the 10 hits on the first page, seven are links to stories or comments on the iniquitous New Zealand meat... more
Perspiration and inspiration needed for marketing success - 09 Nov 2011
There are no short cuts when it comes to marketing success. Although some sharply-dressed whizzbangs may say the answer lies in an adopting their... more
Searching for searchability - 30 Sep 2011
If your website is rating poorly in Google searches you may be tempted to respond to an unsolicited offer from a company promising to get your... more
New Land features in the DomPost - 10 Aug 2011
WHAM's New Land concept has featured in ag editor Jon Morgan's Over the Fence column in The DominionPost. Morgan says he likes the idea:... more
WHAM moves to Smallville - 29 Jun 2011
WHAM now operates from Petone.  Our new office is in a standalone building behind the home of the principals ... about 1 km down Jackson Street... more
New Land concept launched - 17 Jun 2011
WHAM director Trevor Walton has developed a new way to win friends and to manage threats to New Zealand’s food, fibre and beverage industries.... more
Does your media release have a Twittercue? - 28 Apr 2011
Putting a Twittercue at the foot of your media release makes it easier for tweeters to forward a link to your story and greatly reduces the risk of... more
More delays likely for .kiwi and .fonterra - 15 Feb 2011
For several years, big brands have been hoping to acquire email addresses ending with a name or brand of their choice. Adult websites have also been... more
Merino lamb shows cut of Silver Fern's marketing jib - 31 Jan 2011
The decision of Silver Fern Farms to work with Merino sheep farmers to create a special marketing category for Merino lamb meat, says a lot about... more
Gerry Brownlee and the PR of spouting whales - 25 Jan 2011
Miningminister Gerry Brownlee's plan to prospect in National Parks and reserves was inept, but it has highlighted the need for miners to improve... more
PR challenge of the decade - 17 Jan 2011
The biggest public relations challenge of the decade will be to pull away the shades and let the public see – and come to terms with –... more
Vets wade into poppy pickle - 10 Dec 2010
The Returned Services Association has forgotten one of the fundamental rules of marketing – knowing how you and your products are perceived by... more
AB's getting it right - 04 Sep 2010
The hero billboards and the ego-pumping have gone. The All Blacks are winning both on the field and off  it, by focusing on the team and... more
Brockie's passion counter-productive - 12 May 2010
DomPost science columnist Bob Brockie writes a great column. He sieves through amountain of potential material to provide readers with intriguing... more
What possessed Heatley, Hide & English? - 08 Apr 2010
A chastened Phil Heatley has returned to Cabinet, determined to ensure his future spending on expenses is in line with parliamentary and cabinet... more
Taupo - the first one plan - 16 Feb 2010
A controversial scheme to reduce the amount of nitrogen entering Lake Taupo is seen as a precedent for other regions where land use practices are... more
Winners and losers in the ETS - 03 Feb 2010
No other government did as well in Copenhagen as New Zealand. Unlike Barack Obama and the leaders of Western Europe, our negotiators returned from... more
2010: we're straining at the leash - 17 Jan 2010
WHAM did some of its best-ever work for clients in 2009, but we're eager to do even more of it in 20102009 was a year in which WHAM did some... more
Spitfire downs Tui - 11 Jan 2010
Tui billboards and the label on 42 Below vodka seemed to start it all. Now every second beer and liquor brand sold in New Zealand is associated with... more
Smith and Groser - take a bow - 05 Jan 2010
New Zealand did very well at Copenhagen, but you won't read much about in the paperPublic perceptions do not treat environment ministerNick Smith... more
Who'd be a politician? - 23 Dec 2009
At the end of each year, political journalists and commentators assess the country's politicians. Here's a few of the more irreverent ones... more
The accommodators and the expanders - 15 Dec 2009
The politics of left and right are being replaced by a new ethical divide Love him or hate him, liberalcommentator George Monbiot is correct when he... more
Silver Fern boss deserves place on Power List - 09 Dec 2009
Keith Cooper's rebranded Silver Fern Farms still faces huge challengesThe elevation of Keith Cooper, chiefexecutive of NZ's largest meat... more
Groser needs to take his message back to the Hutt - 06 Nov 2009
Tim Groser can see the future, but he needs to communicate it betterTrademinister Tim Groser's urbane manner has been polished over many years... more
US food fights reflect PR failures by Big Food - 30 Jun 2009
The PR failures of US agribusiness createchallenges for New Zealand exporters and farmers It's not often that New Zealand mediaprovide insight... more
100% Pure Food? - 18 Jun 2009
The proposal to broaden the 100% Pure New Zealand tourism brand to include the country's food exports leaves us nervous. In the past the 100%... more
Hormone-fuelled allies remain at war - 15 Jun 2009
It's much easier to create a trade barrier than it is to create demand for your products in countries that don't want them. Just ask the... more
Unfair ERMA decision has wider implications - 05 May 2009
Few tears will have been shed when ERMA decided in December to ban the use of the insecticide endosulfan in New Zealand. It was used only by a... more
Elders success creates problems for Meat & Wool NZ - 01 May 2009
Meat & Wool New Zealand, the farmer-good organisation that took over from the Wool and Meat Boards in 2004, is seeking a renewed farmer mandate... more
Blogs fill a role, but what role? - 20 Apr 2009
Did right-wing bloggers cost Helen Clark the last election? Or was their "trite" and "trivial" content of little consequence at... more
Scientist proposes ethics committees for journalists - 07 Apr 2009
In the 28 March issue of  New Scientist, Cambridge University autism researcher Simon Baron-Cohen notes that scientists are regulated by... more
Bag tax a step in the right direction - 31 Mar 2009
Plastic bags make up much less than 1 per cent of the waste going into landfills and many are re-used by householders. Their contribution to climate... more
Newspapers struggle for advertising dollars - 07 Mar 2009
Latest analysis from New Zealand mediabuying agency Total Media reveals the growing dominance of television in our$2.5 billion advertising market.... more
Big challenges for new minister - 31 Jan 2009
Few urbanites will have heard of the 10th-ranked minister in the first John Key cabinet. But by the end of this government's first... more
Feds opposition will test NAIT comms - 16 Jan 2009
Federated Farmers may come to  regret its decision to oppose the national animal identification and tracing system (NAIT).It has called for the... more
Fonterra flunks milk powder flak test - 12 Jan 2009
Fonterra’s introduction in July last year of an internet auction system, globalDairy Trade for whole milk powder (WMP) was a lightning rod for... more
Managing the growing blog bog - 09 Jan 2009
Blogs are a nightmare for those in the public eye. Even though 99.99 % of posts are of no public moment, the  balance -- if they get legs -- can... more
WHAM now in Grey Street Wellington - 05 Jan 2009
WHAM is operating from an exciting new environment. Since the start of the year, WHAM has been working closely with Morris-PPR, another leading PR... more
Tailfin-in-the-sea syndrome - 01 Dec 2008
Corporate identity is not what it once was. Having a perfectly designed logo that expressed everything a business stood for has become less important... more
Does Fonterra deserve its Sanlu punishment? - 29 Sep 2008
Fonterra is facing a major crisis over the way it and Sanlu, which it 43% owns, handled the recall of Sanlu's infant formulacontaminated with the... more
Whammers win top deer award - 20 May 2008
WHAM principals Angie Fussell & Trevor Walton are winners of the 2008 Deer Industry Award. The award, which was presented at the NZ Deer Farmers... more
DB NZ International Festival of the Arts? - 01 Mar 2008
Once every two years in February, Wellingtonians pillage their credit card accounts to pay for tickets to the New Zealand International Festival of... more
Nice touches, NZ Army - 20 Feb 2008
The theft of a treasure trove of war decorations from the Army Museum at Waiouru has generated an overwhelming sense of loss among New Zealanders. So... more
Lessons from anti-moth spray campaign - 20 Dec 2007
In an article in the NZ Herald (17 December) science communication lecturer Marie McEntee draws some major PR lessons from the campaigns to eradicate... more
Walton VP of International PR Team - 14 Nov 2007
WHAM principal Trevor Walton has been elected vice-president of the International Public Relations Team, a global network of independent public... more
Lessons from Ribena & Subway - 09 May 2007
Public relations is ultimately about building and protecting the reputation of an organisation and its brands. The basic rules of the game... more
Raunch culture - a barrel full of laughs? - 27 Feb 2007
Thanks to the Sunday Star Times (25 February) WHAM now has a name for the use of women's bodies as product promotional accessories - raunch... more
Stark question for reporters - 06 Nov 2006
WHAM staffers are bemused by the controversy over the word ‘starkish', an adjective invented by a public relations consultant... more
Woolly thinking in supermarket dispute - 08 Sep 2006
Woolworths Australia, the new owners of Progressive supermarkets, wasted little time after their take-over last year of the country's second... more
Feds attack on environmentalism unwise - 20 Jul 2006
When Fed Farmers president Charlie Pedersen railed about environmentalism at the federation's conference in Nelson earlier this week,... more
Brands we like and those we don't - 31 Oct 2005
Brands are all about creating a marketing point of difference and maintaining it in the face of changing tastes, intense competition and the need to... more
Maui fishes-up a PR strategy - 05 Feb 2005
From April this year, fisheries assets will progressively be transferred from Te Ohu Kai Moana (formerly the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission)... more
When your sponsored boat sinks - 01 Apr 2003
Just before it fades from our memories, it is useful to reflect on some of the commercial interests that surrounded Team New Zealand's... more
It's not just what they say - 01 Apr 2003
Public relations professionals put a lot of resources into ensuring that company spokespeople are competent communicators. While this is important,... more
Red face/red shed? - 01 Apr 2003
Another business to learn a lesson from its involvement with the cup challenge was presumably The Warehouse, a business which claims to be so... more
Paranoid PR - 01 Apr 2003
For people who believe in the mushroom theory - keep them in the dark and feed them the proverbial - the advent of the internet must have been their... more
Anti-Americanism and us - 01 Sep 2002
  One of the great benefits of travel - especially when you're well away from the normal tourist routes - is that you get a new perspective... more
Walton fellowed - 01 Aug 2002
WHAM principal Trevor Walton was elected a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand at its 2002 conference. WHAM was founded in 1979... more
Focus groups and Corngate - 01 Aug 2002
  Six months before the election, WHAM spoke to a number of agencies and industries with a vested interest in seeing the cautious exploitation... more
The toxic telegraph - 01 Aug 2002
If you really want the public to get alarmed about a public health issue, try hiding it from them. Unfortunately for Vegfed's executive officer,... more
Corngate lessons - 01 Aug 2002
Now the ripples from Corngate have dissipated, it's useful to look at what we can learn from the debacle. First, some facts:It appears there was... more
Balance needed in sentencing debate - 01 Aug 2002
Public relations companies are often accused of influencing public opinion by putting forward one side of an argument in a way that doesn't allow... more
GMOs — it's far from over - 01 Aug 2002
The present parliament may well adopt the findings of the Royal Commission into Genetic Modification, with only the Greens dissenting. But come next... more
Pitching for PR advice - 01 Feb 2002
Choosing a creative consultancy - advertising, design or public relations - can be tough if you don't have referrals you can rely on. Some... more
Don’t sell on negatives - 01 Feb 2002
  Goodness knows what possessed Tegel Foods when they decided to promote their chooks on the basis of some of the nasties they didn't... more
NGOs have more brand cred - 01 Feb 2002
When a big story pits a well-known NGO against an international company, which side are you likely to believe? Chances are you'll believe the... more
What makes news? - 01 Feb 2002
Sick of seeing Paul Holmes preening himself on-screen? Angered that your media release didn't get on the front page of the NZ Herald? Do you... more
Ihug needs to go to Paradise - 01 Aug 2001
The gurus of cyberspace are forever telling the rest of the business world to get with it. But how do their own communications measure up? To find... more
Internet source for more stories - 01 Aug 2001
More and more journalists are turning to the internet for sources and leads for stories. So don't make it hard for them to find the information... more
Keep your powder dry? - 01 Aug 2001
Your organisation has just been bagged on an internet news site. What do you do? Respond, in the hope that you will turn the situation to your... more
Going multi-cultural - 01 Aug 2001
Businesses launching new brand names usually go to great lengths to get their word associations just right. But how many take account of the fact... more
A classless society? Don't you believe it - 01 Jun 2001
"New Zealand is a classless society," is one of those Great Kiwi Clichés which you don't hear so often these days. Relative to... more
Blaming out-sourced PR - 01 May 2001
According to The Independent, Dominion Breweries has placed the blame for two PR debacles in a month on its decision to outsource its public... more
Pretenders can pay - 01 May 2001
Your product or service has just been dissed in an internet discussion group. The review is inaccurate and unfair, and you want the world to know.... more
Lessons for government in deer success - 01 Dec 2000
The New Zealand farmed deer industry is now officially 25 years old. Exports of venison, velvet and co-products now yield more than $ 200 million a... more
Pigs and politics - 01 Aug 2000
It's a brave feminist who climbs willingly into a sow crate for a photo-opportunity. But Green MP Sue Kedgley not only jumped at the chance... more
Organics: spraying in the wind - 01 Jun 2000
Consumer fears about genetically modified foods, both here and in important overseas markets, have put the spotlight on the apparent alternative -... more
Change management — let's have less of it - 01 Jan 1999
Early each year, the big accountancy practices take their eager beavers and get them to do untypical things, like abseiling down the sides of their... more