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29 June 2011

WHAM moves to Smallville


WHAM now operates from Petone.  Our new office is in a standalone building behind the home of the principals ... about 1 km down Jackson Street from the business heart of Petone ... one of the most cosmopolitan of the towns and suburbs that make up Greater Wellington.  

"There will be no change in the services we provide to our existing CBD clients. Parliament is only 20 minutes away," principal Trevor Walton says.

"The reason for the move is largely personal -- we want to play a bigger part in our Petone community. Also, we tend to meet our clients at their offices, making a downtown office and boardroom somewhat redundant."

Phone numbers and email addresses are unchanged. 

WHAM Public Relations

Street: 385 Jackson Street, Petone, Hutt City, Wellington 5012
Postal: PO Box 33-138, Petone, Hutt City, Wellington 5045
Tel +64 4 970-4589, Angie +64 21 970 458, Trevor +64 21 381 465
www.wham.co.nz  www.iprteam.org


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