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10 August 2011

New Land features in the DomPost


WHAM's New Land concept has featured in ag editor Jon Morgan's Over the Fence column in The DominionPost.

Morgan says he likes the idea: "It is a shame it has to come to this, but we have to be ready to counter the over-enthusiastic greenie, the misheard party conversation, the ignorant self-opinionated social networker as much as the malignant market rival and the incompetent journalist."

He acknowledges that much planning will be needed before the plan can swing into action. Each industry organisation will have to take an honest look at itself and determine the sensitive areas it could be forced to defend or explain.

"It could be anything and everything -- the least expected. Sheep farmers found this a few years ago when some overseas visitors complained how skinny their working dogs were. We all laughed, but it shows we cannot take anything for granted."

To read the full DomPost article, click on this link.

- Trevor Walton

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