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23 December 2009

Who'd be a politician?


At the end of each year, political journalists and commentators assess the country's politicians. Here's a few of the more irreverent ones you may not have seen in your local paper:

Heather Roy: Needed Sir Roger Douglas as co-leader or supporter as much as a hooker needs genital herpes to perform her job. Cactus Kate blog

Heather Roy, Roger Douglas and John Boscawen, the Act MPs who tried to dump Rodney Hide as leader: Hello?- Hide's the only reason you're in Parliament, plus the only reason Act still exists, despite his stuff-ups and yes, they're huge. [You] seriously underestimate Hide's intelligence, his extraordinary ability to recover from disaster, and his single-minded determination to achieve his goals. You have a man down, you lift him up and carry him a while, not press his nose into the mud ... Deborah Coddington

Hone Harawira: Went on junket to Paris, wrote offensive email, looks members of white race in the eye instead of respectfully lowering gaze. 0/10. Dim-Post blog

John Key: Smiles and sails on, changing tack with the wind. He has this non-political image. A sort of James Stewart, Tom Hanks, Henry Fonda, and golly gee, oh shucks attitude as though it's all so new and surprising. A bit like the young Anna Paquin on Oscar night. Mike Moore

Murray McCully: Shook my hand at a public meeting a few weeks ago and now it burns when I pee. Dim-Post blog

Nick Smith: Had an effective year, although there is something extra terrestrial about him. I would not be surprised to learn he collects Star Trek dolls. Mike Moore

- Trevor Walton

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