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Be patient, be consistent

Many marketing organisations like to switch PR on and off, to coincide with short-term sales promotions. This makes it extremely difficult for PR people, who often achieve their best results when they are able to deliver a consistent message over a long period.

One of WHAM's greatest successes was the weekly 'Wool Market Preview' it initiated for the Wool Exporters Council. When the column was discontinued after 10 years, this was regarded by some national media as a news event in its own right. It would be hard to find a modest-budget PR campaign which did more to raise the profile and enhance the reputation of an organisation than this one.

The trick is to provide the media with expert or specialist information to which they would otherwise not have access.  Good examples are the excellent employment law columns provided to the Fairfax by Susan Hornsby Geluk and Peter Cullen. Along with word-of-mouth, these columns are probably the only promotion their businesses need.