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Corporate positioning and branding

There are many definitions of public relations. But in  WHAM's view, reputation management lies at the heart of good public relations practice.

Our job is not only to make our clients look good; we also do our level best to ensure they are good. If an organisation is unethical, inefficient or treats its stakeholders badly, no amount of public relations will save them.

The maxim which needs to be constantly remembered is that a brand is a promise. The bigger the brand the bigger the promise.

Claims made for the brand, and public expectations of the brand, need to be believable or independently verifiable.

The former IRD theme "It's our job to be fair" failed this fundamental believability test and is a classic case of corporate positioning gone wrong.

WHAM has managed brand imagery and corporate positioning for several organisations. It has also been in intimately involved in the development and launch of new corporate and product brands for clients.

Visual imagery is extremely important in the building of a brand. It's not just a matter of what the organisation says, it's about its look - the appearance of staff, premises, products, publications, advertising and communications. All are inextricably linked.

While this may be self-evident, very few organisations manage their corporate branding well.