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Government relations and lobbying


In the MMP era, sector groups and other organisations are having to lobby much more actively in order to make their voices heard. Key decision-makers in two or more parties usually need to be influenced.

WHAM has had extensive experience in communicating with government and parliament, drafting submissions on proposed legislation, writing letters to cabinet ministers and departmental advisers, organising briefing sessions for parliamentarians and developing information material for MPs and electorate secretaries.

We believe it is normally in the best interests of the client to front-up personally to ministers and select committees. WHAM is well-equipped to do the groundwork and follow-up.

Principal Trevor Walton is a former public relations officer for the Wairarapa, a role in which he reported to several local bodies. He has also carried out public relations audits for local bodies in Wairarapa and Southland, as well as for several Wellington-based lobby groups.