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Globalisation is one of the major trends of the early 21st century. Its impact extends to all societies, presenting opportunities for companies which offer competitive products and services.

WHAM won its reputation working for New Zealand's primary export industries. And while its experience now spans a much wider range of sectors, it is still very actively involved in the world of trade. Principals travel regularly on business, especially to Australia, the Pacific Islands, China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and the United States.

To reinforce these links and to provide New Zealand clients with an on-the-ground service world-wide, WHAM became a founding member of the International Public Relations Team in 2002. 

The International Public Relations Team is a partnership of independent public relations consulting firms. Each consultancy offers a full range of public relations skills and has extensive professional experience in their home market. 

By working together, team members can efficiently co-ordinate international projects - while providing clients with the benefits of overseas market knowledge and experience, without the need for undue travel or loss of project control.


To successfully promote your business, services, products or ideas in another country, you need local knowledge about the economic, business and political environment, media, culture and language. WHAM can organise this for NZ businesses operating in international markets and for international businesses operating in New Zealand. 

WHAM's experience in Australia, the Pacific Islands, China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Europe the United States and elsewhere, means we can offer you a service on the ground in New Zealand which will be sympathetic to your needs and perspectives.


Cross-border communication is challenging.
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