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What’s so magic about media releases?

There must be something magic about media releases. Time and again, clients ask WHAM to handle the media aspects of their promotions, while leaving direct mail and staff communication activities to junior staff or managers who don’t have a facility with words. 

While media releases are an important part of our work, the message we supply the media may be edited, delayed or discarded. Even if it ends up in the media, there’s no certainty it will reach the target reader, listener or viewer.

In contrast, no editors stand in the way of a well-constructed mail-merged letter. It will almost certainly reach the target person and be read by them in the form in which it was dispatched.

If it is written in a personal style and personally addressed, it is likely to be understood and acted on, if the message is relevant to the recipient.

This is not an argument against media releases, but a plea for organisations to co-ordinate all their communication vehicles. Using the right words and structure is as important when writing letters or newsletters for valued clients, contacts or staff members, as it is when drafting a media release.