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Media Tips

Hard news, soft news

he origins of public relations lie with the press agents of the 19th and early 20th centuries. While the scope of the PR profession has moved a long way from these beginnings, modern public relations still involves a lot of media (press release) work. Some tips >>


Be patient, be consistent

any marketing organisations like to switch PR on and off, to coincide with short-term sales promotions. This makes it extremely difficult for PR people, who often achieve their best results when they are able to deliver a consistent message over a long period. Read more >>


In the firing line

very organisation operating in the public arena dreads becoming media cannon-fodder. TV news magazines, where spokespeople can be mocked if their cause is unfashionable, are probably most feared. But even daily newspapers and radio are increasingly adopting tactics which even their editors would have decried as 'tabloid journalism' not so many years ago. Some tips >>


What’s so magic about media releases?

ime and again, clients ask WHAM to handle their media relations, while leaving direct mail and staff communications to junior staff or managers who don’t have a facility with words. While media releases are an important part of our work, the message we supply the media may be edited, delayed or discarded. In contrast, no editors stand in the way of a well-constructed mail-merged letter or social media post. It will almost certainly reach the target person and be read by them in the form in which it was dispatched. Media releases certainly have their place -- but that place is within a coordinated communication strategy. More >>


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